Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Bride wore Balenciaga!

Salem Hayek married french billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, CEO of PPR- a group that owns brands like Gucci, YSL, Sergio Rossi & Bottega Veneta - for the second time in a star studded event in Venice on Saturday. They married first time on valentine's day in Paris' city hall.

Salma wore a gorgeous Balenciaga dress by Nicholas Ghesquière (a brand also owned by PPR). 150 guestes gathered at the wedding ceremony, included Charlize Theron (in Dior) , Gucci's head designer Frida Gianini, Ashley Judd, Ed Norton, Anna Wintour (in chic Chanel Couture), Stella McCartney, former French president Jacque Chirac and his wife Bernadette. Jordan's ambassador to France, Dina Kawar was also among the guests.

Dina Kawar & Anna Wintour

Penelope Curz & Javier Bardem were among the guests

The ceremony took place at the Palazzo Grassi, a white marble palace built in 1748-1772 and owned by the Pinault family since 2005. The home has a special meaning for the couple because It's where they first met when he held a gala party there in 2006.

Salma & Francois after the wedding


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rania meets Michelle

Queen Rania met U.S. first lady Michelle Obama in the Yellow Oval Room in the White House Residence on April 23. Couldn't find any more pictures. If you came across other ones, let me know!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Queen Rania in DC

Gorgeous Rania of Jordan is in Washington DC this week, accompanying her husband King Abdalla.

On Tuesday, she launched the April 20-26 Global Action Week organized by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) to fight illiteracy worldwide with 75 million children currently out of school. “It’s time for a new chapter in the global illiteracy story.”

Yesterday, she delivered a key note at the 8th Annual Global Philanthropy Forum Conference in DC. “The need for global philanthropy is more urgent than ever before”. The Queen said.

Holding a jar of home-made apple jam in her hand, the Queen explained how the answer can be found in the story of a 9 years old Jordanian girl, Leila, who showed appreciation to her community through a remarkably simple gesture. “Leila’s lesson is that philanthropy means so much more than just giving money,” Queen Rania said as she narrated the little girl’s extraordinary story. For more about her speech, please click here.

Later in the day, The queen, and her 3 children, took a walk down the streets of Washington, and enjoyed the nice weather.

She went out for a jog too :)

I wonder why Rania haven't met Michelle Obama..yet! I remember in a recent interview they asked her about Michelle, and she said: "I havent met her yet, but I'm sure she is nice". :)

I wonder if the Queen is planning to stay in the States until May 4th to attend the annual MET ُexhibition Gala, or as some call it "Oscars of the east". This years theme: Model as Muse, Co-chairing Marc Jacobs, Justin Timberlake & Anna Wintour. Queen Rania attended the 2oo7 MET gala: Poiret King of fashion and wore Giambattista Valli. I hope she will be attending! :D

And I'm guessing we'll see her on the Best Dressed list of Style next week ;)


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Valentino Garavani, The last Emperor.

Valentino: The Last Emperor is a documentary about the life and work of Italian legendary fashion deisgner, Valentino Garavani. It takes you inside the magical, lavish, glamorous world of Haute Couture and the world of Valentino.

The film captures Joy, happiness, as well as tension in preparation for the shows. Life with his business/life partner Giancarlo Giammetti. The glamorous life, the mansions, the yachts, the prive jets, the contacts and the ultimate power in fashion!

Valentino celebrated his 45 years in fashion with a 3 days extravagant festivities in Rome between 6th and 8 July 2007. Festivities started on July 5th with a dinner for Valentino's assistants and employees July 8th with the launch of a perfume and a brunch at the French Academy of Villa Medici.

On July 6th an exhibition entitled "Valentino in Rome, 45 years of style"was launched at the ancient sacrificial altar Ara Pacis showcasing Valentino's most important creations from the past 45 years. On July 7th a fashion show for his Fall '07/'08 Haute Couture was held for 1000 people, and for the first time in 16 years, it was held in Rome, not in Paris.
The festivities brought celebrities, royalities and fellow designers from all around the world to pay homage to the designer.

Last year, I was very lucky to be able to attend the exhibition Valentino - Thémes et Variations' at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. There were alot of his famous designs, and one can go very close and see all the details, it was the best €8 I've spent in my life (well, almost :P) .
I like what Valentino said about himself: "designing dresses is the only thing im good at. I am a disaster at everything else".

Please read a small interview with with Matt Tyrnauer here.
I cant wait to see this movie! If you've seen it already, let me know what u think!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Winning Dress!

Yesterday I won 3rd place for the "Best Design Awards" during the annual bridal exhibition in Amman.
The show was for the GSC (Garments Design & Training Services Center) Students who have recently attended a pattern making course.
12 designers competed among each other, the competition was very close!

My dress was originally designed to my very dear friend, Natasha, for her wedding day.
Natasha is the first bride I dress, and she had put so much trust in me, and I thank her again :D
14 meters of chiffon were embroidered with around 30,000 pieces of beads and ostrich feathers.

I first Joined the GSC last year, for a Fashion Marketing course in Amman, they organize courses in collaboration with Polimoda Fashion Academy in Florence, Italy.
GSC is now the single institute that provides people interested in Fashion in Jordan with this level of proficiency. Also last year, I went to Tunisia with the GSC, for a 10 days workshop during the bi-annual TexMed event. Later I went to Florence for a summer course in Fashion Design (it was a great, beneficial experience). Late 2008, I Joined the GSC for a pattern making course that lasted for 3 Month. Earlier this year, I went to Istanbul with them to attend the 3-days IFF (Internationl Fashion Fair).

Things have been changing a lot recently at the GSC, I mean back in 2007 there were so many promises but nothing was actually happening! But with the new management that took over early 2008, everything has changed a lot! Great & interesting courses are being organized, people are loving it, I got to travel to places I've always wanted to go to with the GSC. Students also enjoy a 50%-65% discounts on courses, supported by the Education Support Fund.
Special Thanks to Mrs. Raghad & Ms. Dina, we really appreciate everything :)

My prize was a Fashion Business and Marketing course in collaboration with Polimoda! :)
For more information about the courses offered by the GSC, Please call: 06-5620056

Let me know what you think.


The most beautiful woman in the world?

Is she Gisele Bündchen? Jennifer Connelly? Penélope Cruz? or Angelina Jolie?
A poll by Vanity Fair magazine is asking : "Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?".

Well, come to think about it now, I've always thought Gisele is the most beautiful woman, ever since I started seeing her in magazines, and her star began to shine, there was something about her, her hair, her amazing walk, her smile, posture, everything, even till this day, when there is an advertising with Gisele in it, it instantly get people's attention, they say Sex Sells but certainly Gisele sells!. I remember I voted for her in 1999 during the VH1/Vogue fashion awards and she won model of the year that year! :D she was wearing that famous D&G outfit, the very short black skirt, wide open white shirt, and shiny silver bra!

Also that year, Queen Rania was crowned Queen of Jordan, and I've always believe she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and the most stylish one too! I became this crazy fan of her, having all pictures for her, reading all her interviews in all magazines, and until this day, she is certainly my favorite.

Also on the list, Russian beauty icon, Natalia Vodianova, and she is, with no doubt, gorgeous!
Natalia started modeling at 15, 2 years later she signed a contract with VIVA Modeling management and moved to Paris. Natalia has been featured in so many editorials, campaigns, and and on magazines covers, she has walked in more 175 runway shows for Haute couture and RTW. In 2002, Natalia married British real estate heir, Justin Portman (she wore Tom Ford for her wedding) and has 3 childern.
Vodianova is a founder and the President of the Naked Heart Foundation, a philanthropy that strives to provide a safe and inspiring environment in which to play for every child living in urban Russia.

And last but definitley, not least, Freida Pinto! I am crazy about her these days! As you all know, Freida was the star of Slumdog Millionaire, and she's been making beauty headlines for sometime now! what I like about Freida is her skin color, hair and beautiful smile! Do you think she'll be 007's next girl!? :D

I dont know who to pick! I mean I love 4 of them, but each in a different way! I would love to see Gisele walking down the catwalk in one of designs, Queen Rania is more like a muse, and the ultimate person I would realllly love to dress, Natalia, would love to have her doing my campaigns, and Freida, well, I would simply love to dress her!

So what do you think? who is the most beautiful of them? And in your opinion, who is the most beautiful woman in the world? - would love to hear from you!