Sunday, January 18, 2009

PARIS... Je t'aime!

This post is dedicated to my favorite city in the world, Paris!
Since I am a Fashion/style-holic, Paris has always been the place to be, the place where fashion dreams can come true. I've always dreamt of visiting this magical city, and last July I had the luck and great chance to visit this city.

All the time before I got there, I felt, this can not be true, is it real? am I really going to Paris? that easy? as simple as that? because for so long going there was almost... Not impossible, but very very out of reach. And I was at the Airport in Pisa Italy, waiting for boarding, and looking at all the people around me thinking, "how can they be so cool" and I am very close to jump over the seats from excitement! :P

well anyway I arrived at around noon, and headed directly to my friends house where I was going to stay, didnt see the Eiffel tower on the way, I got there, fell asleep at around 5, thinking, what am I doing sleeping in Paris, I got up, got dressed and went out directly! :)
I got the Bir Hakim ( Tour Eiffel) station, and I was walking towards the tower, and there it was, La Tour Eiffel! I was over the moon happy! and for a second I told my friend " we are in Paris , do you understand what this means" :D
and I stayed out, roamind the streets till 2 am that night! it was an out of this world feeling.

Well, The reason why I love Paris because its home of Coco Chanel, YSL, Christian Dior, Lacroix, and many many others. Reading magazines ever since I was a kid, and reading about "Paris Fashion week" made everything I love, associated to Paris. And that's how the love affair started! :)

When I was there, I passed by the Grand Palais , where Chanel have their Fashion shows, One Chanel show made the Grand Palais famous for me, was their SS 06 Haute Couture collection, with the amazing staircase in the middle, the show was magical.

So I looked inside the window and looked at the exact space where Chanel models, Chanel creations and the Master mind himself, Karl Lagerfeld walked, the place I've always only seen in magazines and on the web. That was fantastic!

Late 2007, I had ran into Giambattista Valli in Amman, Jordan (what are the chances? I KNOW!) I went over , introduced myself and talked to him for a while( it was weired, talking to him so cool!) and he gave me his email& the studio phone no. and said "whenever you are in Paris, let me know, try to make it in January, during the fashion week" and I was like thats FANTASTIC! :D so I call them later to tell them that I'll be coming to Paris during the summer and they were very nice and suggessted I got see them , the design studio , the workshop, and I was hoping to land me an intership there, now that would have been ... simply unreal! but unfortunatly, I couldnt make it, I tried to call several times, Mr. Valli was travelling for meetings , and they were off the whole month of August.

I also wanted to visit Chanel's famous workshops at the Rue Cambon, and maybe send a message to Chanel's Studio Manager Virginie Viard, telling her how much I'm in love with Chanel and maybe take me for a tour, sounds a bit crazy, no? :P but anyway I didnt, but I'm still hoping for Next time! :D

I know it is so hard to find a job in Paris, esp. in the Fashion field, BUT I'm still hoping that one day I will travel to Paris and work there, and make this dream come true!

I will be obssessing more about Chanel later on, and talk about a documentary for the brand called Signé Chanel.

The Styloholic.


  1. You will own that city one day! I know it for sure :)

  2. and I loved the way you put it in this post, how you see it :)