Thursday, April 2, 2009

The most beautiful woman in the world?

Is she Gisele Bündchen? Jennifer Connelly? Penélope Cruz? or Angelina Jolie?
A poll by Vanity Fair magazine is asking : "Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?".

Well, come to think about it now, I've always thought Gisele is the most beautiful woman, ever since I started seeing her in magazines, and her star began to shine, there was something about her, her hair, her amazing walk, her smile, posture, everything, even till this day, when there is an advertising with Gisele in it, it instantly get people's attention, they say Sex Sells but certainly Gisele sells!. I remember I voted for her in 1999 during the VH1/Vogue fashion awards and she won model of the year that year! :D she was wearing that famous D&G outfit, the very short black skirt, wide open white shirt, and shiny silver bra!

Also that year, Queen Rania was crowned Queen of Jordan, and I've always believe she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and the most stylish one too! I became this crazy fan of her, having all pictures for her, reading all her interviews in all magazines, and until this day, she is certainly my favorite.

Also on the list, Russian beauty icon, Natalia Vodianova, and she is, with no doubt, gorgeous!
Natalia started modeling at 15, 2 years later she signed a contract with VIVA Modeling management and moved to Paris. Natalia has been featured in so many editorials, campaigns, and and on magazines covers, she has walked in more 175 runway shows for Haute couture and RTW. In 2002, Natalia married British real estate heir, Justin Portman (she wore Tom Ford for her wedding) and has 3 childern.
Vodianova is a founder and the President of the Naked Heart Foundation, a philanthropy that strives to provide a safe and inspiring environment in which to play for every child living in urban Russia.

And last but definitley, not least, Freida Pinto! I am crazy about her these days! As you all know, Freida was the star of Slumdog Millionaire, and she's been making beauty headlines for sometime now! what I like about Freida is her skin color, hair and beautiful smile! Do you think she'll be 007's next girl!? :D

I dont know who to pick! I mean I love 4 of them, but each in a different way! I would love to see Gisele walking down the catwalk in one of designs, Queen Rania is more like a muse, and the ultimate person I would realllly love to dress, Natalia, would love to have her doing my campaigns, and Freida, well, I would simply love to dress her!

So what do you think? who is the most beautiful of them? And in your opinion, who is the most beautiful woman in the world? - would love to hear from you!



  1. One day you will dress then all :)

    I like the way you appreciate beauty. This is a beautiful post :)

  2. Thanks a lot Observer! :)
    Really appreciate it!

  3. i would def. pick Gisele
    i dont know why everybody thinks adriana lima is so much sexier then her ?? i think gisele is 100x more beautiful then adriana.

    great post :]

    Freida pinto is pretttyy isnt she??

  4. Thanks anonymous!
    Gisele is way sexier than Adriana! i honestly dont think Adriana is that great looking!
    Freida is gorgeous, and i am happy to see her getting along with Karl Lagerfeld, maybe we'll see her in some Chanel ads sometime! =)

  5. queen of jordan cme 2 our scul
    shes peng

  6. queen rania is pretty for a queen, but what does that say?

    Adriana blows Giselle away in the looks department. Adriana doesn't always look good like Giselle, but when she does there's no competition.

    pinto is average (well except average is kinda bad if u think abt it) how many bags does she have below her nondescript eyes

  7. Carling Bassett the former tennis star I consider as very beautiful and also Chris Evert Lloyd the another tennis star and champion.

  8. Freida Pinto better than all but a few woman alive today.

  9. In my opinion, Gisele has a male structured face. The most beautiful woman in the world? Queen Rania. She is the whole package and her substance has no comparison. Those models don't do anything for me. It is 2010 and we need to see beyond bikinis.

  10. gisele's face is beyond stunning. who wouldn't want those perfectly sculpted cheekbones? I mean come on??! I gotta wear loads of bronzer just to even half way get amazing face structure like gisele. she is truly a unique gift from God.

  11. Gisele Bündchen's got a beautiful bod, but kind of a man-face. I like your other choices, but Gisele is pretty homely, IMO.