Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A 10 years old Queen!

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary for Queen Rania & King Abdulla's taking the throne.
For the occasion, a Royal Parade took off from the Royal palace to Amman's stadium where national celebrations were taking place.

During the past 10 years Jordan has changed alot, whether in the IT sector, and having Jordan called The cradle of internet start-ups, projects that supports and works for a better local community, and very recently, launching the Madrasati project that helps local schools.

I remember on June 9th 1999, watching the coronation and royal parade, and thinking how does queen rania feels now? she must be excited, afraid, overwhelmed, first she was a next-door type of girl, leading a normal life in Amman, then marrying Prince Abdulla must have changed her life, and now she is Queen of Jordan! I cant wait to ask her that! :)

On the other hand, It was nice to see the then 29-year-old, youngest Queen of the world making fashion headlines, and being mentioned among the best-dressed people of the world! I remember her first official visit to France in Dec. 1999 when she wore a burgundy GFF dress at a dinner ceremony and a Chanel outfit while visiting the Musee de Louvre, thats when the the whole world started paying attention to the Queen! And for so many years, she's been on the list of Vogue January issue's annual best dressed list & In the september 2001 issue of the magazine, there was an article about the new queen, Mario Testino Flew to Jordan and took amazing pictures for the queen at the royal palace and Jerash ( she also appeared in the magazine in March 2009 ).

Yesterday, Queen Rania wore the same dress 10 years ago on her coronation day, designed by Elie Saab, but with some changes, like wearing a belt and doing something with the sleeves. I met the head seamstress, Ms. Sophie in 2006 at ES workshops in Beirut, who came to Amman to do the fittings for the queen then, she said that it was such a nice and touching experience.

Queen Rania looked more fresh, younger yesterday than she did 10 years ago, wearing a smaller tiara, a more simple hair do and make up. She is gracing the cover of HELLO magazine's latest issue.

She is an inspiration & muse to many fashion designers, and friends with the likes of Giambattista Valli, Ricardo Tisci, JPG & of her favorite brands, Prada, Burberry, YSL & ES.
She is such a cool Queen! I mean, she twitters! she has a facebook page, she wrote some journals from a trip to India & NYC recently & attends fashion parties, like the MET's gala in 2007!

Today marks the royal couple 16th wedding anniversary so congratulations and looking forward to more fashion statements by the queen! :)