Monday, October 26, 2009

Creating & Branding my own label

One of the subjects we are studying is branding and creating an image for your label.
We have the option to either revive an old brand, and suggest new ideas for the image, marketing, or positioning or create our own. and since my dream is to establish my own fashion house in Amman, I'm working now on the presentation for my label to present it tomorrow.

My brand/label will be designing mainly evening, cocktail and wedding dresses, all dresses will be made to measure, and ofcourse doing custom-made designs.
In the presentation we talk about many thing, starting from the vision, mission and values of the brand, character definition, to the archetypes.

I'm also talking about my muse, which she lives a Cinderella story, in a magical enchanted world, she also materializes the dreams of many girls, as well as very beautiful, where you can put anything on her and still look gorgeous.

I've created a mix of pictures that represents my muse, inspirations & brand archetype, which you will get to see before the presentation! :) hope you like it!